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Compact disques

La guitare à Dadi 1974
1 My Old Friend Pat
2 Song For Kathy
3 Marcel's Rag
4 Song For Steve And Anne-Marie
5 Song For Chet
6 Easy Rollin'
7 Egged Bus Rag
8 Swingy blues
9 A Letter From Abi

10 Song For Merle
11 When My Finger Dream Of You (1ère version)
12 When My Finger Dream Of You (2ème version)
13 Le Derviche Tourneur
14 Winther's Waltz
15 Song For Chet
16 Oh Dadi Blue (1ère version)
17 Oh Dadi Blue (2ème version)
18 Old Black Piano

19 all Alone
20 Poor Lonesome Dadi
21 Magic Box
22 Song For Léo
23 Song For Jerry
24 Song For Doc
25 From Paris With Love
26 Far Away
27 L 'Echo Des Savanes

La guitare à Dadi n°3


1 La Madrugada
2 Saturday Night Shuffle
3 Medley
4 Medley
5 Walkin' The String
6 Oh,By Jingo! Oh,By Gee
7 Hawaiian Slack Key
8 Medley
9 Rose Time
10 The Claw
11 Medley

12 Black Mountain Rag
13 Mayan Dance
14 Cannonball Rag
15 Windy And Warm
16 Drive In
17 Blue Finger
18 When You Wish Upon A Star
19 The Third Man Theme
20 Mister Lucky
21 Medley

22 The Memphis Blues
23 Petite Waltz
24 Medley
25 Both Sides Now
26 Green Bay Polka
27 Medley
28 Steeplechase
29 On A Bicycle For Two
30 Medley
31 Kicky
32 The Sheik Of Araby
33 Big Daddy

Marcel Dadi and friends


1 Blueberry
2 Lady Madonna
3 Deep River Blues
4 Slow Blue In C.
5 Wintehr's Waltz
6 L 'Echo Des Savanes
7 For No One

8 Yankee Doodle Dixie
9 La Madrugada
10 Nine Pound Hammer
11 Sonia
12 Two Days with Xharlie
13 Windy And warm

14 Lullaby Of Birland
15 Take Five
16 Winter Walkin'/Baby's Coming Home
17 Swedish Rapsody/Country
And Gentleman
18 Ce n'est Qu'un au Revoir

Marcel Dadi Best Of


1er CD:
1 Aller-Simple
2 Nous Trois
3 Convoi express
4 Number One Son
5 Living Close To You
6 Fluide Glacial
7 Ballade Pour Une Princesse
8 Hollidays With Samuel
9 Lune De Miel

10 Le Balagane
11 Prière Pour Michel Lopez
12 Caravan
13 Marcel's rag
14 Angelina B
2ème CD:
1 Les Scénaristes
2 Prélude To The rain
3 Just A Little water
4 Turkish Delight
5 blue Angel

6 Whispering
7 Words Of Silence
8 Dimanche Après- Midi
9 Echo Des Savanes
10 The Girl Friend Of The Whirling Dervish
11 Kichy/Jerry's Breakdown
12 Gravy Waltz
13 Marcel Samba
14 Buddy's dance

Nashville rendez-vous


1 Merci Pour Maayane
2 Robert The President
3 Goodbye Blue Sky
4 Swingy Boogie
5 La Marcellaise

6 Nashville Rumba
7 Like Father And Son
8 Song For Jerry
9 Le Diset's Wedding

Fingers crossing

1 Woody Good Picker
2 Je Veux Réveiller L'Aurore
3 Black Stars
4 Spirit Of Merle

5 Hotel Shoeshine
6 Song For Léo Revisited
7 Fingers Crossing
8 Hawaiian Moon
9 L 'Echo Des Savanes

Country guitar flavours

1 Jumping The String
2 Doctor Dove
3 Calling Merla
4 Je Veux Boire L'Eau Du Torrent
5 song For Doc
6 Naomi's Waltz

7 Je T'aurai
8 Je Crie Vers toi
10a Mélodie Pour Barbara
b Je Te chanterai Parmi Les Peuples
c Colonel Roland's Place
11 Guitar Pickers Association


Guitar memories

1 Les Scénaristes
2 Prélude To The rain
3 Just a Little water
4 Turkish Delight
5 Blue Rondo A La turque
6 Words Of Silence

7 Dimanche Après-Midi
8 Concerto Baroque
9 Echo Sixties
10 Guitar Memories
11 En Attendant Joachim


La guitare à Dadi, early recording jumboree

Contient 2 CD :

- La Guitare à Dadi Vol 1

--La Guitare à Dadi Vol 3



Guitar legend

Contient 2 CD :
- Guitar Legend vol 1
-Guitar Legend vol 2



Guitar legend vol 1

Swingy boogie
My Family In Passapequa/Cocktail Party
Blueberry/Old Time Picking Parlor
Pinewood Road/Chattanooga Train
Nous Trois
Waltz For Paula
Song for Steve and Anna-Marie
To Mom and Dad
Two Days with Charlie/Holidays with Samuel

Romantic Sauerkraut
Billy the Keith
Angelina B.
My old Friend Pat/Easy Rollin'/When My Finger Dream of You
Sonia a Letter From Abi
Oh Dadi Blue
Winter's Waltz
The Ballad of Greg Ladey
Song for ma femme
Le Derviche tourneur
Fluide Glacial
Lullaby for Stéphanie

Number one Son/Big Chief
Prière pour Michel Lopez
Poor lonesone dadi/Song for Jerry
Marcel's Rag/Egged bus rag/Old Black Piano
Milk Shaker/Nashville Tops
From Paris With Love
En attendant Joachim
things we used to do
Marcel Samba
Song for Leo
Roger Chesterfield

Guitar legend vol 2

Spirit of Merle
Blues For Lenny
Circus Rag
Too late
Echo Sixties
Robert the president
Like Father & Son
Le Diset's Wedding

Je te Veux
Living close to You
Convoi Express
Words of Silence
La Marcellaise
Je t'aurai
Merci pour Maayane
Lovely Jane
Song for Kathy

Just a little Water
Song for Chet
song for Doc/Buddy's Dance
Frère du Derviche
Les Scénaristes
Song for Merle
First Year of Married Life
Dimanche Après-midi
Magic Box

Marcel Dadi : le coffret

Contient 6 CD :
-Guitar Legend vol 1
-Guitar Legend Vol 2
-Guitar Memories
-Nashville Rendez-Vous
-Fingers Crossing
-Country Guitar Flavors




contient :
Nashville Rendez-vous
Fingers Crossing
Country Guitar Flavors



Concert Olympia 1988 :
Dadi - Lalanne

Disque 1
1 Medley Cannonball Rag/Country Boy
2 Stump Water
3 Medley: Marcel's Rag/Egged Bus Rag/Old Black Piano
4 Kicky /Jerry's Breakdown
5 En Attendant Joachim
6 Whispering
7 Destination Voyage

8 Saturday Night Shuffle
9 Medley: Mover Come Back To Me/ Lieberstraum
10 Je te Veux présentation
11 Je Te Veux
Disque 2
1 Tenessee Stud
2 Bibi Folk
3 Villa René Georges

4 Je Crie Vers Toi
5 Me And Marcel
6 Me And Jean-Félix
7 Circus Rag
8 Windy And Warm
9 Bluegrass Medley
10 Yankee Doodle Dixie
11 Swingy Boogie

Country & Gentleman
(7909891 PM 264)

Country Symphonie
Je te veux
Me and Jean-Félix
Destination voyage
Blues for Lenny
Ballade for Nini

L'écho des Savannes
Me and Marcel
Circus rag
En attendant Joachim
Parque del plata
6 cordes pour deux amis


Hommage à Dadi

Muriel Anderson
Chet Atkins &Marcel Dadi
Pierre Bensusan
BlueGrass Long Distance
Tom Bresh
Juan Carmona
Larry Coryell& Jean-Félix Lalanne

Sacha Distel&Raymond Gimenes
Arnaud Dumond
Roland Dyens
Joe Edwards
Peter Finger
Michel Haumont & Jack Ada
Los Indios Tabajaras
Tommy Jones

Albert Lee
Claes Beeb
Pietro Nobile
Richard Smith Guitar Trio
Claude Samard
Jacques Stolzem
Martin Taylor
Gérard Toubiana
Jo Vurchio


La guitare à Dadi 1974

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Dadi's Folk

Winter's Waltz
Song For Chet
Oh Dadi Blue 1ère Version
Oh Dadi Blue 2ème Version
Old Black Piano
Poor Lonesome Dadi
Magix Box
Song For Léo
Song For Jerry
Song For Doc
From Paris With Love
Far Away
L'Echo Des Savanes


La guitare à Dadi n°3

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Marcel Dadi and friends

Hard Way
Lady Madonna
Song For Doc
Deep River Blues
Slow Blues In C
Winther's Waltz
L'Echo Des Savanes
For No One
Yankee Doodle Dixie
La Madrugada
Nine Pound Hammer
Song For Jerry
Ce N'est Qu'un au Revoir


Dadi's picking vol 1

Buddy's Dance
Milk Shaker
Two days With Charlie
Old Time Pickin' Parlour
Lullaby For Stephanie
Nashville Tops
The Ballad Of Greg Ladey
Lovely Gene
Waltz For Paula



Dadi's picking vol 2

Big Chief
Billy The Keith
My Family In Massapequa
Roger Chesterfield
To Mom And Dad
Chattanooga Train
cocktail Party
Things We Used To Do
Pinewood Road



Dadi and friends 2

Marcel Samba
A Letter From Abi
Nashville Tops
Sonia With Raphaël Fays
Two Days With Charlie
Windy And Warm
Angelina B
Swingy Blues
From Paris With Love
Medley Lullaby Of Birdland
Walk Don't Run
Take Five
Medley Winter walkin'/Baby's Coming Home
Medley Swedish Rapsody
Country Gentleman

Spécial disque d'or
Le Derviche Tourneur
swingy Blues
Magic Box
Old Black Piano
Saturday Night Shuffle
Song For Doc
L'Echo Des Savanes
Winther's Waltz
Nashville Tops
Pinewood Road
Chattanooga Train
Big Chief


Dadi Cool
Romantic sauerkraut
The Third man Theme
Mister Lucky
Medley Back Home Again In Indiana/Back to My Old Smoky Mountains
Gotta Travel On
The Memphis Blues
Petite Waltz
Medley Copper Kettle/Freight Train
Both Sides Now
Green Bay Polka
First Year Of Married Life
Song For Ma Femme
Medley Liza/Nagazaki
Steeplechase Lane
On A Bicycle Built For Two
Medley Cheek To Cheek three Little Words
April In Portugal
The Sheik Of Araby
Big Daddy

Dadi 2 guitares
Swingy Boogie
Medley My Old Friend Pat/Easy Rollin/My Finger dream Of You
Angelina B
Song For Léo
Song For Kathy
Billy The Keith
Les Scénaristes
Medley Marcel's Rag/Egged Bus Rag/Old Black Piano
Song For Chet
From Paris With Love
Le Derviche Tourneur
Magic Box  


Dimanche après-midi
Les Scénaristes
Prélude To The Rain
Just a Little Water
Turkish Delight
Blue Rondo A La Turque
Words Of Silence
Dimanche Après-Midi
Concerto Baroque
Echo Sixties
Guitar Memories


Aller Simple
Nous Trois
convoi Express
Number One Son
Living Close To You
Fluide Glacial
Ballade Pour Une Princesse
holidays With Samuel
Lune De Miel
Le Balagane
Prière Pour Michel Lopez


Dadi New Style
Medley : Lover come back to me / Liebestraum
Blue angel
Medley : Sweet Georgia brown / Alabama Jubilee
Medley : The girl friend of the whirling dervish / It don't mean a thing
Medley : Jerry's breakdown / Kicky
One note Samba
Gravy waltz


Guitar Goodies
My family in massapequa / Cocktail Party
Blueberry / Old Time Picking Parlor
Pinewood Road / Chattanooga Train
Nous Trois
Waltz for Paula
Song for Steve and Anne-Marie
To Mom and Dad
Two Days with Charlie / Holidays with Samuel
Romantic Sauerkraut
Sonia / A letter from Abi
Oh Dadi blue
Winther's Waltz
The ballad of Greg Ladey
Song for ma Femme
Fluide Glacial
Lullaby for Stefanie
Number one Son / Big Chief
Prière pour Michel Lopez

Guitar Goodies 2
Lovely Gene
Just a little Water
Song for Doc / Buddy's Dance
Frere du Derviche
Song for Merle
First Year of Married Life
Dimanche Aprés-midi
Song for Jerry / Poor Lonesome Dadi
Milk Shaker / Nashville Tops
En Attendant Joachim
Things we Use to Do
Marcel Samba
Roger Chesterfield